About Us

Welcome to , a new form of excellence dedicated to the needs of our clients. We work with highly qualified experts in the field of plastic, orthopedic and heart surgeries, obesity treatment, eye and dental care, gynecology & urology treatment and rehabilitation. Our company is proud to be in a close collaboration with the most recognized Lithuanian clinics and health care services providers. This let us bring to our customers high quality care, comfortable environment and great results. We also offer our services in finding the most comfortable and cost-effective accommodations, treatments and procedures combined with vacation solutions at the same time.

Going abroad for a medical treatment is always a big step, and knows that your concerns over safety play a great part in making that decision. That’s why has gathered some of the best surgeons and other medical professionals from Lithuania all of whom we have met and researched.

At the same time for your best convenience we offer:

  • information about your medical care services providers online;
  • other patient's reviews;
  • direct communication with the potential surgeon or health care services provider;
  • transparent pricing;
  • immediate access to some of the finest Lithuania’s surgeons and doctors;
  • information on the latest medical procedures for various conditions.

We find the most appropriate surgeon for each specialty from our partner clinics based on a variety of factors that include:

  • education;
  • additional training;
  • proficiency in English and other languages;
  • years of experience;
  • peer review;
  • patient review.

This does not necessarily mean you will get the cheapest medical treatment, but you will certainly get one of the finest surgeons or other medical professionals in our country.

We want doctors that are concerned with your safety and have an innovative approach instead of practicing defensive medicine. The surgeons and other medical professionals in our network will review your medical history and will have an email or phone consult with you if you require.

We will take care that before you go you will know your costs, procedures, dates and times of the consultation and surgery, number of nights in the hospital and contact names and telephone numbers your family can use to reach you.

Our contacts:
MedLT (JSC ULA Technologies)
K. Donelaičio 79-1
Kaunas, Lithuania
Fax: (00370) 37 322467