Dietician consultation



The reasons to be seen by a dietitian include:  

  • High blood pressure:  improve both diastolic and systolic numbers
  • High cholesterol:  lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol
  • diabetes/gestational diabetes:  improve blood sugars by providing menus and helping improve your blood sugar counts
  • Weight loss:  lifestyle changes and how to eat by receiving personalized menus
  • Compulsive/overeating:  simple tips to help decrease overeating
  • Gastrointestinal disorders:  cope with constipation, crohn's disease, gird and many others
  • Sports nutrition:  ideas provided to help improve physical performance
  • Fatigue:  simple ideas to help rejuvenate your life
  • Pregnancy:  control portion sizes as well as weight gain during pregnancy
  • Exercise:  basic and advanced ideas to help you start a regime
  • Or anyone interested in a nutrition consult

In the initial consultation, the dietitian will get to know you better. This includes your medical history, nutrition questions/concerns, current dietary intake, and you will have the opportunity to complete a body composition analysis. You will be provided with a resource package for healthy eating that is customized to your needs. 


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