MedLT services

Let us take care of you while you are in Lithuania.

Our services include:

  • Intermediation between the client and medical services provider
  • Airport pickup and airport drop-off
  • All transfers to/from the clinic
  • 24 hour assistance in Lithuania
  • Online consultation if necessary
  • Help with a flight booking
  • Help with hotels booking
  • Sightseeing & tours booking

All our services are offered to our clients without any additional costs while booking medical treatment through. 

You are our priority, once you decide to contact us for a treatment. We want you to feel tranquillity, confidence and that your stay and medical procedure will meet your expectations.

We encourage a family member to travel with you. Whether your family is with you during your stay abroad or still at home, we consider it part of our responsibility to take care of them and to keep them informed. If you want your family to travel with you, we can manage this as well, and if they require special attention while you receive your treatment, let us take care of this.

Members of speak English, German, Russian and some other languages. 

We will be happy to have you as our client. Feel free to contact us.